Sunday, 24 May 2009

Nasi Lemak, What Else?

After a post on Nasi Lemak chili, as George Clooney says in the Nespresso ads, what else?
It goes without saying that I immediately made Nasi Lemak to go with it. Oh, what the heck, seeing that I am so in the asian-cooking mood, I might as well go all out and cook some Sambal Kang Kong too!
So there you go... fragrant coconut rice topped with sunny-side-up and lots of to-die-for chili, plus Sambal Kang Kong on the side... now that's what I call indulgence!


danny kwok said...

you forget to add a fried chicken wing...and some ikan bilis :p

ange said...

LOL. i have problems finding ikan bilis here and deep frying wings is just such a mess! would have loved a fried turmeric kuning to go with it too, yumm!

danny kwok said...

no ikan bilis....very bad, i used a lot in my soup stock. ya, deep frying a mess...once a while, have to pamper myself.