Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Beef Rendang From Scratch!

I have in the past made several failed attempts at cooking beef rendang from seasoning packs of various brands... they all turned out a far far cry from the real stuff which resulted in my giving up on this dish for years. When I chanced upon what seemed like a workable recipe for cooking beef rendang from scratch yesterday, my interest was rekindled. I decided to give it a shot, vowing never again will I look at another Rendang recipe should even this one fail me.
Not only am I not disappointed, this rendang is gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous. The amalgamation of spices wakes up all my culinary senses, reminding me of all those authentic flavours from home. I am sold.
A big thank you to MamaFami and Salt n Turmeric for sharing generously their recipe:
(Modifications made: I have doubled the kaffir lime leaves and reduced the amount of coriander powder to 2 teaspoonfuls.)

I highly recommend it!


danny kwok said...

looks good man...

MamaFaMi said...

Can never get enough of Beef Rendang! Especially when eaten with lemang! Gosh!!!
Thanks for trying out the recipe and glad you liked it... take care dear...

Salt N Turmeric said...

Iv used rendang paste before too and like you said they don't taste quite right. Like something is missing and you can't think of what it is.

Mamfami's rendang recipe fr scratch is the easiest iv seen yet so delicious kan?