Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lavender Shortbread

These cookies have aroused my curiosity for the longest time ever since I first read about them here: (The recipe was also adapted from Amai's Green Tea Sweets.) However, I could not bring myself to bake them due to the fact that in my household, lavender is very much associated with potpourri sachets. I was not sure that I'd be able to appreciate food that smells like fresh bedlinens and socks!

Nevertheless, curiousity took the better of me after I'd bought a bag of the highest quality lavender from Provence in the south of France and looking for something new to experiment on. And how did the shortbread turn out? Friends who have tasted them liked them although they had a hard time pinpointing the flavour without looking at the little lavender buds on the cookies. Moi, not a personal favourite I must admit... but then that's purely due to the psychological barrier. So who knows, if you don't have the habit of putting lavender sachets in your closets, this just may be it for you.

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