Monday, 12 January 2009

Zero-Work One Dish Chicken Meal

Here is another of those super easy no fuss tasty dishes that I embrace: marinate chicken quarters and vegetables with whatever spices available (I have used salt, pepper, honey and soy sauce this time) and bake covered at 200 degree Celsius for one hour i.e. ample time for the meat to reach that fall-off-the-bones tenderness... the way I like it. If crispy skin preferred, further grill uncovered skin-side up until lightly charred and your home smells of fried chicken:) (about 15 minutes). Voila, simple and very tasty. I use different seasonings (asian, mexican, etc) and vegetables (carrots, zuchinis, peppers, etc) so it seems like a whole new dish each time.
On another note: the lighting at home is just not right for photo-taking in the evenings. Any advice for me?

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